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3C Mrs Hepworth

Welcome to Class 3C!

On this page you will be able to find information about all the work we are doing in school,photographs of the fun we've been having, links to help with your learning and any important letters or information.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and ready for a new term. 

This term we our topic is...

The Romans




Through this topic, we will be looking at where they come from, what they did and life as a Roman solider.




History – The Romans

Science – Forces and Magnets

Games - Swimming

P.E - Gymnastics

ICT – Basic computer skills and Coding

DT/Art – Roman Shield

Music – Music from the Romans

Languages – French

RE – What do different people believe about God and why are festivals important?

Geography - Europe





3C Pictures

3C Pictures 1
3C Pictures 2
3C Pictures 3
3C Pictures 4
3C Pictures 5
3C Pictures 6
3C Pictures 7
3C Pictures 8
3C Pictures 9

Roman Day

Roman Day 1
Roman Day 2
Roman Day 3
Roman Day 4
Roman Day 5
Roman Day 6
Roman Day 7
Roman Day 8
Roman Day 9
Roman Day 10
Roman Day 11
Roman Day 12
Roman Day 13

High Five

Year 3 have been set a challenge to read as many times in the Spring term. The children will earn a special certificate depending on how many times they read.
Platinum – 100 times
Gold – 75 times
Silver – 50 times
Bronze – 25 times
Commended – 10 times
Let’s work together to encourage reading!

You will be given two pieces of homework every week, to be completed by the following Monday. The homework will be both activities on My Maths and Spelling/ Handwriting practice.  If you do not have access to the internet at home there are plenty of opportunities to complete it  school;  My Maths club is on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime and Homework club is on a Monday evening until 4PM.

You will also be asked to complete at least two pieces of topic homework every half term.  It is up to you which activities you choose to complete!


Children then get a certificate at the end of the term depending on how many point they have earnt:

Bronze award - 50 points

Silver award - 100 points

Gold award - 150 points

Top of the ladder - 200 points

There will be a weekly spelling test every Friday. Children are expected to learn their times tables and their spellings at home. Each Monday, your child will be given a new personalised spelling sheet.

My Maths

You will need to log onto My Maths to complete your maths homework.
It is also fantastic for helping you with your times tables!
PE and Games

All kit is required to be in on a Monday to stay in school all week for 3C, although our P.E session is Friday afternoon.



 - Girls will need a one piece costume, a swimming hat, a towel and a hair bobble for their hair. If the children wear earrings then they must be taken out before they are allowed to swim.

 - Boys will require swimming trunks or shorts, a swimming hat and a towel. 

A swimming hat must be worn by all children.


All equipment should be named, if possible, and kept in a named bag which will be hung on the children's pegs in the cloakroom.

We advise the swimming bag to go home every Wednesday after your child has swum.

 Verruca socks should be worn if needed but can be bought from the office.

If you have any worries or your grown ups have any questions then please come and see me anytime.

Mrs Hepworth



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