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Welcome to 4G!

This is our class page. Here you'll find links to homework, useful websites and any other information you may need.

Don't forget to check any of the galleries for pictures of all the exciting learning we get up to in class! Make sure people at home know too! So then they can also have a look at what we've been doing!

During this Summer term we will be studying Africa! We'll be looking at the various landscapes, countries and the the animals that inhabit them!


Have you seen the Kids Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

All of year 4 are embarking on 'Cook School' over the next few weeks. Our first session had us making tropical fruit salads. This helped us develop our skills of weighing and measuring. There was also a lot of discussion of simple fractions, such as halving and quartering, along with the obvious cooking skills. We hope they taste as good as they look. In the second week, we made spicy vegetable cous cous dishes, typically eaten in northern Africa. Then, using traditional fruits from Africa (pineapple) we made pineapple upside down cake. Our final session had us creating roasted vegetable kebabs. 


Parlez vous francais?


Oui, a la cafe francais. 


C'est formidable! 



Amazingly detailed African mask homework. 
Picture 1
These displays are visible around the classroom. Could you use these homework and topic ideas to inspire yourself? 

Here are the sunsets we have created with chalk and pastels. Then we have cut and stuck silhouettes to design the outlines of different landscapes.


4G planting, watering and growing trees (Rowan, Maple, Birch and Crabapple) to create a school woodland area. 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No way, this is 4G's chicken art.


Worth a tweet or a cluck.

An afternoon of Viking archaeological remains and what they can tell us about their way of life. Thank you Mr Milsted for sharing your resources and knowledge. 
Some of the homework, brought into school where Viking gardens have been created, are starting to grow very nicely. 

Science week (March 13th - 17th) has seen us working in class on the human digestive system and throughout the school. 


Here we are representing chewing, swallowing, digesting and excreting food and drink. Yes, we made wee and poo in school.


What have all these got to do with our learning about healthy teeth and gums? If you check back tomorrow; all will be revealed. 

Teeth Decay Experiment

Picture 1

Can you see the difference between the egg kept in cola and the one in milk after just 24 hours? 


That is why we must brush and floss our teeth regularly. 

On Science day, we made exploding rockets, egg parachutes, rocket balloons and safety packaging for crisps. These videos and photos show what we were up to. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Following our Viking day, when we made our clay pots, we left them to dry and have now painted them. 

In true Viking style we may try to barter them for other goods or food. 

Picture 1
We all went to Acomb Explore (library). We looked at some books, learnt about other items in the library and how books are sorted and categorised. 

We had an amazing day being Vikings at the Danelaw settlement, Murton Park. We learnt so much and it was a great way to get into the Viking topic. We were warriors, builders, farmers, craftsmen, traders, cooks and took on a number of roles within the village. We had a saga (story time) and took part in a Viking feast. Have a look at some of our recounts and photos of the day. 

Here are the finished products of our Anglo-Saxon jewellery designs and models. Clay beads and medallions, painted and added to a simple string. 

After a week of 'Maths at the Movies', where we have used the film Madagascar as our focus, here we are dressed as characters from the film taking part in our morning circle. 

Bike-ability Activities

Anglo-Saxon Artefact Afternoon

Here are some of our classroom displays and homework that has been bought in to share. They are very impressive. 

Healthy Week February 6th - 10th


Here we are at the food tasting and cooking demonstrations. We have also tried out lots of new and different sports and physical activities.

Have you been walking, scooting or cycling to school this week?


On Friday 20th January, we were being bright and seen. As well, as decorating our bicycles. Can you see us clearly enough? 

Be Bright. Be Seen, Be Safe!

UK mountain ranges in pastels

UK mountain ranges in pastels 1

We are in the process of writing stories, set in a magical tree, with a queen or king as the central character. We have begun to use some fantastic language and punctuation. Take a read and see what you think of these examples.

Roald Dahl Day, in September, celebrated 100 years of the author. We discussed and wrote about our dreams as well as solving maths problems relating to his characters. 
Picture 1

Take a look at some of the work and displays we have created this half term. 

Here is some of our scientific discovery work.


How are you getting on with your reading? Have you achieved a High Five yet this term?





Here are some of the facts and information we have learnt and discovered about the U.K. If you haven't done your homework yet, as part of your topic work, maybe you could use some of these to inspire you.