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A Welcome from our Head Teacher - Miss Ryder Welcome to Carr Junior School: a wonderful, vibrant school in the West of York. There are many special things about our school; however, without a doubt, the people are the stars of our school.

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Carr Junior School

Anti Bullying Charter Nov 12

Anti Bullying Charter Nov 12


In School Council we made a anti bulling charter, we joined up with Hobmoor Primary, Westfeild, Hobmoor Oaks and York High to create a West of York Charter, to stop bullying. We all hope people will remember use it if they are being bullied.  
 We don't want this, but what we do want is this!!! 

Every class made a list of things they would like to put on the charter, then Tina and Alex took those ideas to York High to share them with the other schools.


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West Anti Bullying Charter 


Have a look at the anti bullying charter made by all the schools in the West of York