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A Welcome from our Head Teacher - Miss Ryder Welcome to Carr Junior School: a wonderful, vibrant school in the West of York. There are many special things about our school; however, without a doubt, the people are the stars of our school.

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Carr Junior School


Check out our popular author Andy Seed, who visited us in November 2016. 


He is now releasing a monthly 'Vlog' which is a fantastic follow up on the children's current knowledge.


At Carr Junior school we aim to give all children the opportunity to explore all genres of reading and writing incorporating speaking and listening skills. Through our thematic planning, we are able to teach literacy through a variety of stimulating activities such as; the use of drama, ICT and investigations across the curriculum.

Great Guided Reading!
At Carr Junior we ensure that every child reads every day. Practice makes perfect we say! To help the children to understand the texts they are reading we use an approach called Reciprocal Reading. Within each Reciprocal Reading session the children will predict what the text is about using clues, read the text aloud together, clarify any words which they do not know the meaning of, and finally ask questions about the text they have read. 

Practice makes perfect! 
In order to make excellent progress in reading all children must read at home. Research has shown that reading at home for as little as 5 minutes every day can dramatically improve reading levels. To encourage home reading at Carr, our children can earn 'High Five' reading stickers, and be applauded in the weekly achievement assembly if they read 5 times. The majority of our children achieve this and we are seeing great results in their daily reading and writing. How great would it be to have every child achieving their reading sticker every week? Parents - we need your help with this!

We are re-launching our lovely library!
Coming soon will be a fantastic event in our library. Carr Junior will be inviting an author to help us re-launch our library and remind everyone about the great things on offer. There are so many reasons for the children and parents to visit. As well as topic related reference books, there is a 'Current Reads' section with all the latest titles from the coolest authors around. We also have an exciting 'Book Swap' section where children are invited to bring in books from home which they have read and swap them for another from the shelf. Our library is not just for the children! For parents there is a book shop where the grown-ups can also come and top up their book shelves with some of the most up-to-date and well regarded novels.

Super Standard English!
At Carr we have identified that there are two different voices which we use to address others in different circumstances or situations. 1. We have a 'Text Voice' where we can be proud of our accents and speak to our friends in an informal way just like sending a text message. 2. There is the 'Writing Voice' which is very formal. We noticed that all authors, journalists, and newsreaders use Standard English so we decided that all of our writing should be written using our 'Writing Voice'.

Write about it! 
Making progress in writing is very important to us at Carr, so we have a very special book called an 'Independent Writing book' where the children complete independent pieces of writing. We do this at least once every two weeks so that the teachers can see how much progress has been made by each child. From this work and other independent pieces of work, the children are given their targets so that they always know how their work can be improved and how to become even better writers!

Whole School Events
Keep a look out for all of the exciting Literacy events happening throughout the year. These include World Book Day, working alongside authors, writing weeks, celebrations of authors and many, many more!   



If you can't talk it - you can't write it! Check the podcasts to watch a brilliant example of talking about a topic with your friends and family.


Six Schools' Writing Project Report