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Numeracy Book Day


Numeracy Book Day

In November, every year group chose a book that had a Numeracy theme. Then during that week they had a day of lessons based around this book. Here are some pictures below of what some of the children did.

Maths Book Day in 3H
We read the book How Big Is A Million by Anna Milbourne.

Then, we discussed and shared our big questions.

Next, we read a poem about asking questions and wrote our own versions with our own questions and some possible answers.

In maths we then looked at the scale and estimated multiples of numbers with different objects.

This led on to us looking at pointillism and we tried to estimate how many points or dots would fit into a space.

We then completed an art task using this dotty pointy style to complete a version of ‘The Wave’ by Hokusai (a famous Japanese image and artist).

Do you think we will have used one million dots in our artwork?

Work from 3C

Work from Year 4

Work from Year 5

Year 6
Year 6 used the book 365 penguins. How can 60 penguins be stored?