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Carr Junior School


Totally Tutti-Fruti


On Monday 9th November 2015 year 6 did an assembly trying to convince children to eat this strange substance called … FRUIT! I mean who would do such a thing. Oops wrong thing that’s chocolate, you should eat fruit to keep you fit and healthy. 

Disco Disco!


The day before we broke up for half term - Carr Junior School had a dazzling disco!


With sweets, crisps, drinks, hotdogs and glow sticks we had an unforgettable time! The DJ, Paul, played a range of sensational songs and at the end played ‘My heart will go on’, from Titanic (See below for link). He also played the school’s favourite ‘The Cha Cha Slide’, as well as the Macarena and

the YMCA!



Carr Junior School flooded because of the water presser. The flood happened because they are building the new infant school. The water power was too powerful so the pipe unconnected. 


Lots of people saw it on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. As well as it on Twitter and Facebook  it was on Minster FM . Under the floor there was 50 cms of water: when the pipe came out of the floor it was all dirty and green. I went to get some quotes from fellow pupils like … “Children did not have to go to school but teachers did.” By Ella. “I was glad school was closed!” By Petal.  



Parents evening took place on Thursday 8th October in the Carr Junior school hall.


This is where the parents and teachers have a conversation about their child’s behaviour and levels of work. Erin quoted “It is interesting for me so I can find out what I can improve on in my work.”


There will be 2 more opportunities for parents to meet with the teaching staff.


Amélie Bewell & Erin Thompson

Little Lego Club


Lego club is in 4K with Miss Kelly. To start with Lego Club is for year 4!


There was a sign on the community door for year 4,5,3 and 6 to sign up.


We asked a couple of children from Lego Club some questions. I asked Hermione Lyon, what is the best thing about Lego club? She replied, “To create different models but it is a shame we have to smash it up.” Ben Hawxsby said, “I love the Lego ninja.” We asked all the people from Lego club and they all rate it 10 stars!

Heads of LEGO minifigures in the model making studio at LEGOLAND in Windsor.


Petal Popple

Year 6 Chrome Books



Surprisingly year 6 got some new Chrome Books in the first week of year 6! They have them to help them study for their SATS.          


For three agonising weeks year 6 had some suspicious trolleys at the front of the class; but we did not know what was in them until one day Mrs Winston majestically opened them. Now we use them on a morning for number gym but we also use them for a plethora of other things, including: Typing up work, checking work, researching topics and maths games.


Overall year 6 think they are a real help and look forward to using them all year.



Textiles is all about sewing, knitting, as well using a sewing


Miss Hall and Mrs Darton run textiles.

Textiles is after school on a Wednesday we do it to have fun, after school in 5S. 

Young Voices Strikes Again     


Carr Junior’s Choir has once again been invited to the amazing Young Voices at the Sheffield Arena - taking place in January!


Young Voices is the world’s biggest children’s choir! This year they will be singing ‘Everything is Awesome’, ‘Baggy Trousers’, ‘Pop Medley’ and much more! Young Voices happens to raise money for Children in Need!

Miss Banks is the music teacher at Carr junior school and is taking Carr junior to Young Voices as well as Ms Ryder and Mr Revell!


Young Voices is extremely popular around the globe. But your school has to be invited, and you have to be in your school Choir to get into Young Voices. I adore Young Voices. But the question is Do you?


By Leah and Ava