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Carr Junior School


Christmas Parties


Year 6 and year 3 have already had there Christmas parties. You must bring a carrier bag with your outfit and a cup and plate (preferably plastic) to school.Then ENJOY!



By Katie P


18th December 2017


Christmas productions


Today the year 5 and 6 and the infants came to watch the year 3 and 4 christmas play called Aladdin's trouble.


By Mia Layton


Christmas Jumper Day


Do you like Christmas jumpers?

On Wednesday 13th December you can wear your Christmas jumper to school over your uniform.They can be as crazy or classic.          


By Katie P


On Friday Miss Ryder announced are Sustran Bear finally has a new home

In 3C beating 6J by 1% that's 1 person. They are over the moon with joy

because this is the first time ever getting him. Hopefully next week a new

Class will receive him.


By Katie Innes


Christmas Dinner


On wednesday anyone who wants to have a christmas lunch will have one  and on the same day you can wear a christmas jumper.


By Mia Layton


On Our Attendance sheet, We have 2 green weeks and 2 red week. Come on Carr! You know you can do it!


Now, Every week, we are hoping for 97% attendance!


By Sam Lawrence


The Library is open!



Finally, the time has arrived to be able to read and join in the activities.The librarians have done lots of hard work to make it a popular and comfortable for everybody.”It is amazing and proving very popular,” said Katie I (former Librarian and Carr Star journalist).




By Katie P


The Deep


On Wednesday 9 November Year 4 went on a existing residential to The Deep in Hull.  At the Deep the year 4’s did lots of amazing activities which include:

  • T-shirt

  • Key ring or badge

  • Touching fish

  • Post cards

  • Mcdonald's lunch  

  • Glass lift

And more. Year 4 describe it as fun, mesmerising, interesting,indescribable.



Katie Innes 5M


Active Travel Tuesday!!


A few weeks ago, Miss Arksey Introduced a competition for Tuesdays, In percentages, It tells you how many people either walked, scooter or biked to school! This Week, 6KM Won the cuddly sustrans Bear!


By Sam Lawrence


Pantastic panto!



On Wednesday 18 year 5 had a visitor from the York Barbican, their names were Jamie and Beth. She is  going to play maid Marian  in Robin Hood.


Jamie tort us about the history of acting starting with Ancient Greece and end when the clown was created. He also let people try on masks!    


More poor attendance at Carr


On Friday 13th Miss Ryder sadly announced that yet again we have another bad week in attendance.

Miss Ryder said  try to be on time every day.   


Katie Innes



Active Travel Tuesday


On Tuesday everyone either walks, cycles or scoots to school. The winning class gets a teddy bear wearing a high vis jacket and they get to keep the teddy for the week.


By Mia. October 17th 2017


Chris Cook


On Tuesday 12 september an olympic swimmer named chris Cook told the entire school about his career in swimming. He also brought his gold medal from the 2004 Commonwealth games.  



By Katie Innes



Welcome year three and new teachers to Carr Junior school!!!

Miss Pinders, Mr O'Connor are new.If any year 3’s are lost ask  a person in any year above!

              Good luck

By Katie Pearson

Back in time at Carr


Last year, all of Carr made a timeline starting Egyptian ending at WW2. We had some good drawings and facts of Tudors,  Celts and more.  

 IMG_20170911_124016.jpg IMG_20170911_124208.jpg

By Katie Innes



On monday 3 July Andy and Izzie from the Christian team YOYO - that teach kids to learn about god and Christians like Paul (Saul) from  the new testament. We learnt a song about god.



By Katie Innes


Summer reading challenge


Explore Library is holding another summer reading challenge! The theme this year is Animal Agents. If you read 6 books and collect all the prizes then you are invited to the party! Only 100 children are going to be invited!



By Katie P


Northern Gas Network


From today, the gas company Northern Gas Network is working just outside our school. They are working on changing our metal pipes (that are rusting) to plastic pipes.


By Sam Lawrence 4G





On Friday night, the band Huge performed Dance with me tonight by Olly Murs plus lots of other popular songs.              

Miss Holmes and Mr Maskell said it was “Amazing!”





By Katie Pearson


Water Bottle Greenhouse with JACOBS



As you should know year 4 are creating a water bottle greenhouse completely made out of 2 litre bottles the greenhouse will keep the plants inside healthy and alive. Also without the lids on the bottles there is holes for air to pass through which is very healthy for the plants as air helps them produce healthy leaves.   

By Freya Thompson

Cricket tournament


On thursday 17th May 2017 the year 4 & 6 cricket team went to your sport club for a  tournament.


They played 2 games but sadly none of us got to the semi or final.

By katie Innes 4G


Dementia Awareness Week 2017!


Last week was Dementia awareness week. Dementia is a problem that happens at any age in life, it takes memory from people who suffer.





Four new chickens


Four new chickens have arrived at Carr Junior School, and we are overjoyed to have them! We need to make sure that we take care of them so they can hang out outside in the chicken house!



Charity Week is Back!



Last year we had a fantastic charity week and this year it’s even BETTER!  On Monday 3rd of April the year 6’s held an amazing first day of Charity week they sold toys, popcorn, sweets and all at really cheap prices

(Like 20p and 10p!)


Remember to bring money this week because it’ charity week all week!


by Freya Thompson  


Fantastic Film Club!


On Friday 24 March in celebration assembly 2 film club reviewers won a goody bag. The winners of the goody bags were Leah Bulley (for the second time) and

Evie Kemp for the first time! The review Evie did was about Alice in Wonderland.

Red Nose Day 2017!


On the 24th of March 2017, pupils and teachers at Carr Junior School dressed up in red for Red Nose Day 2017! The entire thing was set up by the charity called Comic Relief. This is for the people who are suffering life. In assembly we had an hilarious joke telling session. We raised an impressive £313.88 for charity!




The Big Pedal 2017!

Over this fortnight, Carr Junior School, and schools all over the UK, will be taking part in the cycling and scooting competition called the Big Pedal. This is for a safer environment and less pollution in the air.



For more information go to: /big-pedal




Lovely visit to library


On Thursday 5 March all of Carr Junior went on a lovely trip to the library in Acomb.


Last Thursday we went on a lovely trip to the Acomb library. The first year group to go was year 3 then years 4 and 5, finally year 6. On the trip we listened to a story called BFG by Roald Dahl and we completed a quick quiz while the other half of the group went to the adult library.


It inspired us to read more.


By Katie Innes 4G


Destroyed by storm Doris!


In the half term break the destructive storm Doris broke our school shed with all the school chicken supplies in.


At Carr Junior School in the holidays the shed with all the chicken supplies in was sadly blown down by storm Doris and her strong winds. When the teachers saw the shed blown down they felt devastated.


The school is getting a new shed.


By Katie Innes 4G

Eggstremely Eggciting


As you know Carr Junior has chickens, and lately they have been laying eggs this means we might be able to have omelets in lunch for hot-dinners.


Mrs Stephenson is delighted to tell the school the chickens have started to lay EGGS! One of the eggs was found by Katie Innes and Katie Pearson. Katie I says “The egg was sort of warm and it was also pale”

Mrs Stephenson was very happy and showed the staffroom, she says “The chickens don’t tend to lay in colder weather”.


File:Brown chicken egg.jpg

By Freya Thompson





Year 4 took a trip to Murton Park on Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March to learn how the Vikings lived and how it felt to be a Viking.


While there we did some gardening, made some pottery and we also fought against a Saxon invader. We had a banquet for lunch we had a lot of fun and enjoyed being a viking.


As a result of our trip year 4 got their Viking topic off to a vicious start!


By Morgan Tudor


boat longboat sail ship viking