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Carr Junior School



Last week (WC Monday 12th March) we had STEM week aka Science Week! We had 3 assemblies about physics, chemistry, biology and plants and how they work. Also,we had science day - 5M did:


  1. Miss Pinder’s Oobleck

  2. Miss White’s Fingerprints

  3. Mr Flitcroft’s Rocket Balloons

  4. Miss Arksey’s Spaghetti  Challenge


We will all be looking forward to next year,for even more fun and excitement!


By Sam Lawrence



In our assemblies the Computer and Interactive whiteboard have been letting us down and have stopped us singing to the families that came to our Praise assembly. However, the teachers are working hard to make sure our assemblies work especially the Praise assemblies!


By Katie P





This Thursday we are going to dress as our favourite book character. Also you should bring the book you are dressed as a character from. If you want to there is a competition, you need to recreate a book scene, take it to the hall on Thursday morning and the school council will judge it!

By Katie P



On Friday 2nd  March all of year 4 went to Murton park and have a amazing day. Thay did lots of fun activities including:

  • Roving guard

  • potery

  • Handheld replica artifacts  

  • Baked bread

  • Viking argos catalog


Also they all dressed up as Vikings using a T-shirt and a bit of string and for a girl a little hat.   

By Katie Innes




On Friday 23 February Mr Threadgold’s and Carr Junior’s hard work paid off. The performance  of Macbeth ran smoothly, the 11:00 am performance sold 50/100 tickets

and the 1:30 pm performance sold 95/100.      


By Katie Innes




On Thursday the 8th of February at Carr Junior we are having a disco from 6:00PM  to 7:30 PM. At the disco you may have some Cola or Juice some sweets and a hotdog with or without onions and ketchup. Also you can have a boogie and a chat.


By Katie Innes   




On Thursday 11th of January year 3 came to school in a range of Roman outfits because of their Roman day. On Roman day they did activity like:  


They made reefs

Ate like a Roman

And more


By Kati Innes  



At every week’s assembly, We have either   a visitor or Miss Ryder Presents an assembly. It Is about our motto ‘Serve Gladly’. Visitors would be past students, they will tell us what they did further than Year 6.


Sam Lawrence