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South Bank Multi Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 10067116 whose registered office is at Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Rd, York YO24 2RU

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At Carr, we intend to inspire pupils to develop a love of History and see how it has shaped the world that they live in today. We believe that since our children live in such a Historically rich city, this should be a focus and is studied throughout the school every year. Key skills are repeated and built upon as the children go through school so as to embed that skill and make it easily transferable to whatever period of History they are studying. This therefore equips children with the tools they need for future learning as individuals. As well as class based learning, trips and visitors are vital to help the children get first hand experiences and build respect, empathy and understanding of those times in History. A focus on how these past events have impacted our lives today is vital and shows how we can aspire to create a better future. Children are also encouraged to be curious and question how and why things happened, forming deeper understanding and connections.



In order for children to know and remember more in each area of History studied, prior learning is always considered and opportunities for revision of facts and Historical understanding are built into each lesson. Through revisiting and consolidating skills, children build on prior knowledge before introducing new skills and challenge. Children have a range of opportunities to experience History through engaging activities both in and outside the classroom. Each lesson ends with a Blooms Taxonomy Question which allows the teacher to assess to what level the outcomes have been met and if further teaching is needed.



High quality, sequenced planning to ensure all areas of the National Curriculum are covered and that children are building on their prior knowledge.



During each Big Idea, every year group goes on a trip or has a visitor in school, this gives the children first hand, practical experiences and helps them to form a deeper understanding.


York History week

Each year we hold a York History week where children across the school learn about the History of their community. As this happens every year this is built upon so by year 6 they have a detailed understanding of York’s History. 


Recognising key events

Throughout the year key Historical events, such as Remembrance day and the Royal wedding, are celebrated through whole school assemblies which teach key knowledge of the subject and then whole school activities to consolidate and deepen this new learning.


Cross curricular

Planning based around a big idea means that there are lots of opportunity for cross curricular learning. 



Children produce a range of work in response to that week’s question, which is then presented in a scrapbook. This helps them to consolidate that week’s learning and confidently answer the Blooms Question.



Lessons are taught in a progressive sequence which means that the children are building on prior knowledge to ensure that they have solid foundations. Then they are slowly introduced to new concepts. which allow them to delve deeper into the subject.



Support is provided, when appropriate, by the class teacher, their critical friend or resources within the classroom. Chirping of ideas and good practice by the teacher helps children to stay on task and also gives them good examples to use and adapt.



  • Children are very curious about the past and want to ask good, meaningful and insightful questions to understand more.

  • Particularly by Year 6, children have a deep understanding of Remembrance and it’s importance as we consolidate this knowledge every year. 

  • Children can explain how certain events from the past have affected our lives today.

  • Children have developed a good sense and understanding of chronology


Impact is measured by analysing the quality of the children’s work and Blooms answers throughout the year, which is recorded at the end of each academic year. We are continually checking the impact of teaching on learning through lesson drop ins/observations, book and planning scrutinies and pupil and staff voices.