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South Bank Multi Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 10067116 whose registered office is at Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Rd, York YO24 2RU

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Carr Junior School


I am somebody.

I was somebody when I came.

I'll be a better somebody when I leave.

Rita Pierson

Our ethos

At Carr, the pastoral development of our children is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and able to succeed. We firmly believe that when pupils feel valued they are able to overcome barriers and - with support and nurture - achieve things that not only meet but exceed their own expectations. In short, we strive to develop safe and happy lifelong learners.



Self-esteem and confidence

It's not what you are that is holding you back. 

It's what you think you are not.



At Carr, we want our pupils to develop the skills that they need in preparation for life in the modern world. Self-esteem, self-belief and confidence are fundamental to this preparation. We strive to develop this resilience in many ways, including co-operative/collaborative group work, sport, opportunities for performance, the adoption of responsibilities and the promotion of independence. Our weekly Celebration Assembly is an opportunity to showcase our achievements and boost self-belief.


Giving children roles and responsibilities is a valuable way to develop their self-esteem. Throughout school, there are a range of roles that pupils can volunteer to be responsible for, from classroom assistants to office administrative support! By Year 6, children can opt to take on the responsibility of being a Playground Leader or Peer Mediator to support adult staff at lunchtimes. As these are such important roles in school, these children undergo training to equip them with the skills required to succeed.


Healthy feedback and criticism is encouraged in our school as a tool for improvement. The understanding that mistakes are a valuable part of learning is embedded in our practice. When mistakes are made - or uncertainty is encountered - both children and adults support each other to move forward. 



Achievement for all

Every staff member at Carr is passionate about ensuring that all children make excellent progress, irrespective of their life experiences and individual social and emotional needs. As part of our commitment to developing safe and happy learners, we recognise that every child is unique and will require support in different ways. With this in mind, our key aims are:

  • To understand that all behaviour is communication.
  • To offer many opportunities for speaking and listening activities.
  • To provide a safe environment for children to explore their own beliefs, values and opinions.
  • To understand the impact of changes and transitions in children's lives.
  • To build skills for learning both in the classroom and in the wider world.
  • To build self-esteem, self-belief and confidence.


For those children who have social, emotional or mental health needs, extra support is put in place. This is evident in many different ways, such as visual prompts, personalised reward systems, supportive play and trained ELSA staff.



Restorative approach

Our aim at Carr is to deal with incidents of disruptive or inappropriate behaviour in a positive way that avoids shame and punitive reponses or punishments. We hope to foster an atmosphere where children have the opportunity to reflect upon the impact that their behaviour has on others. This approach is also used to develop empathy and gives the children chances to make to right choices.