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Carr Junior School

Restorative Values

Restorative Approach at Carr Junior School


Restorative practices at Carr Junior School further develop positive behaviour, aid conflict resolution, promotes emotional literacy and encourage personal responsibility and repair. This enables children to play with confidence and without being harmed or upset. Pupils learn how to build and maintain friendships and how their behaviour affects others. The use of restorative approach supports the development of social and communication skills. 


So what is it and how does it work?


Restorative approach takes different forms


‘Debugging’ is one form that supports pupils to learn the important social skill of how to resolve possible conflicts themselves. 

When a child, for whatever reason is being annoyed or upset by someone they can follow five steps that can prevent a conflict escalating:


Step one - Ignore them

Step two - Move away

Step three - Talk friendly

Step four - Talk firmly

Step five - Get an adult


‘Anger rules’ support the social skill of understanding anger. Pupils begin to understand it's OK to feel anger, there are times when we all can feel angry, but it's not OK to hurt others, ourselves or property. Restorative approach creates a culture where children can and are encouraged to talk about their feelings. This includes when they feel anger, especially when that anger overwhelms them. 


‘Restorative Justice’ is applied when an intervention by an adult is needed. This might be something an adult has observed or has been requested by a child. A script is followed which enables all pupils to be heard and may include those who just observed an incident. The script has been designed to ensure all participants feel valued and listened to. The questions asked are non-judgemental so as to protect self esteem and well being. 


In turn, each pupil is asked:


  1. What happened?

  2. What were you thinking when it happened?

  3. What needs to happen to put things right?

  4. What can be done differently next time? Or What could be done to stop this happening again?


A ‘Restorative Chat’ happens on the spot, where the incident has taken place. The script is followed and if the adult and children are satisfied with the outcome, the matter is considered dealt with and no further action is needed. 


A ‘Restorative Circle’ may be needed if the adult and children are not satisfied with the outcome of a chat, if the chat will take too long therefore taking time out of learning or if the incident continues to be repeated. Those involved will be asked if they would be prepared to join the circle. The conflict is discussed at length, again following the script and any misconceptions will be addressed. Notes may be taken for clarification and an agreement may be made. All who attend a restorative circle will receive a sticker to put in their planner.

There may be times when parents or members of our community will be invited. 


Any questions?

Please ask to speak to our Restorative Approach leader, Miss B, who will be happy to help.