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At Carr, we want every child to develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery. We value Science as a core subject, it is an integral part of each of our whole school’s Big Ideas and is taught following the objectives laid out in the National Curriculum. We want our children to be curious about Science, understand the importance of Science in today’s world and inspire them to develop aspirational goals for possible future careers in the subject. Through a range of Scientific enquiries, we encourage children to be determined and creative, seeking all possible outcomes to extend their scientific knowledge and thinking. Regardless of ability, we encourage children to be resilient and have self belief in themselves, to achieve their absolute full potential by having high expectations of their learning.



To ensure that we deliver our intention and cover all objectives set out in the National Curriculum, we have a document that sets out the key facts that need to be covered in each topic for each year group. The National Curriculum provides a structure and skill development for the Science curriculum being taught. This is, where possible, linked to our Big Ideas to provide a creative approach, which reflects a balanced programme of study. The Science leads meet regularly to analyse how Science is being taught across the school and feeding back to staff any knowledge and expertise that needs to be implemented. 


We implement our Science approach through:

  • Science being taught for one afternoon a week or in weekly blocks through exciting and engaging lessons.

  • Books are high quality and show a range of evidence. Teachers have the highest expectations and children are proud of their work!

  • A range of experiments are planned into each topic, encouraging curiosity in the children.

  • A creative and innovative approach using a range of high quality resources and teaching methods.

  • Excellent teacher subject knowledge and high order questioning. 

  • Excellent nurture and relationships between teacher and children, allowing them to take risks in their learning.

  • All children are given the opportunity to aim high, through questioning and reasoning activities.

  • At least two Blooms questions are given to the children for each topic, this allows teachers to assess their understanding of the learning and address any misconceptions.

  • Working scientifically skills are embedded into every lesson to ensure these skills are being developed throughout.

  • Learning across the curriculum is sequentially planned to build on knowledge and skills and is recorded through progression grids at the front of each child’s book, which follows them through school.



The impact of our Science approach is that all children enjoy Science and are inspired to demonstrate their scientific knowledge and skills. They are curious to find out how and why and challenge each other's knowledge and opinions in a safe environment. We want all children to achieve to their full potential and strive to be the best that they can be. Impact is recorded through outcomes. After each topic is taught, teachers assess the children against the objectives. At the end of the year, these outcomes are combined with the scientific enquiry end of year assessment, to assess the children against age related expectations, to give an overall result. We are constantly checking the impact and looking for gaps through subject leaders meeting every half term to evaluate impact, lesson drop ins and observations, learning walks, book scrutinies and pupil and staff voice.