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A Welcome from our Headteacher - Mrs Kerr Welcome to Carr Junior School: a wonderful, vibrant school in the West of York. There are many special things about our school; however, without a doubt, the people are the stars of our school.

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Carr Junior School


SEAL stands for the Social, Emotional Aspect of Learning.

What is SEAL?
SEAL is often referred to as Circle Time.


There are 7 themes that can be studied.

  • New Beginnings-This promotes empathy, self awareness, motivation and social skills.
  • Getting on and falling out-This develops the management of feelings, friendships, empathy and social skills.
  • Say No to Bullying-This is a focused week, possibly coinciding with Anti-bullying week, where bullying, the effects and the issues around it are explored.
  • Going for Goals-Here motivation and self-awareness are focused on, including the building of confidence.
  • Good to be me-Our strengths and weakness are considered, assisting the raising of self esteem.
  • Relationships-This explores feelings within our important relationships.
  • Changes-This supports the understanding of our feelings especially those as times of any change. (This is especially useful for Year 6 who are preparing to move on to secondary school)
What happens?

In a safe and relaxed atmosphere pupils sit in a circle to learn social and emotional skills. The often lively and fun interactive group play games with specific objectives, discuss feelings and begin learning how to become the mature responsible young people they aspire to be.
There are rules to follow to ensure the emotional saftey of the children;

  • We have fun but don't make fun
  • We can pass if we don't want to say anything
  • We listen when someone else is talking
  • If we break the rules we miss the game (or are asked to leave the circle)

Pupils are reminded that the circle is just for their group and what we talk about can only be discussed outside the circle with adults. (In fact they encouraged to talk to grown ups about what they are learning)

Want to know more?
Please talk to Miss B or Mrs Darton.
Better still, come to one of the family SEAL sessions!