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Welcome to Carr Junior School!
I would like to welcome you to Carr Junior School. Whether you are a pupil, parent or a visitor thank you for taking the time to visit our website.
As Headteacher I'm incredibly proud of the wonderful staff and children I get to work with each day in this ''Good'' School. (Ofsted 2014) 
The children are the most important people in school so I really do think they should be the ones to introduce you to life in our wonderful school!

Miss Ryder - Headteacher
Hello from Year 6!

The staff here are kind and help make sure you are confident in areas even if you used to struggle. For example Tegan has swiftly improved from her levels at the start of the year, reaching her target. Additionally, in Year 5 Amanda won the Spelling Bee that was hosted in York High. Mrs White said “This school is full of amazing children and fantastic staff- a happy hard working environment”
We are a large family at Carr Junior School with around 270 children. We are sure you are aware, as you are part of a family yourself that there are ups and downs in family life because no one is perfect. To deal with this a sprinkling of Year 6 pupils have been trained to sort out your children’s problems they are known as the Peer Mediators. Furthermore on a Monday and Friday lunchtime Mrs Darton is available in listening hour to help you in times of need.
We have a lot of responsibilities in school including playground leaders. Playground leaders help out the Supervisors, looking after the younger members of our school. Organising activities for the Year 3 and 4 children and preparing themselves for when they move into high school, taking on more responsibilities.
Peer Mediators are also a big part of play times. They help sort out disagreements that may spring up, even between best friends. Peer Mediators are found on the playground ready for duty, sorting out problems at the bottom of the staircase. Every day a different Peer Mediator reports for duty with their helping partner. Jack said “Its good because you help people to solve their problems.”
The school provides a plethora of fantastic school trips. From 3 days in sunny Whitby to London and the exciting adventures at Dobroyd Castle each year group looks forward to their thrilling trips planned for their education and enjoyment.
In our school we pride ourselves in being host to a vast array of brilliant clubs. Such as textiles, choir, homework club and many more. Some of our many clubs are at lunchtime. Those clubs are attended after consuming a scrumptious meal. Mrs Winston quoted “I love the winter fruit crumble!” The other clubs are after school clubs. 
We hope you have had a small taster of a super school and will come and “Serve Gladly!”  


From Year 6!