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Physical Education

Physical Education


We want pupils at Carr Junior School to thoroughly enjoy being physically active and have the confidence, resilience and self-belief to participate in different sports and new experiences both indoors and outdoors. They will be able to demonstrate a wide range of transferable skills to a range of sports as an individual, small group or as a team. Pupils should be aspirational and determined to develop high levels of physical fitness through being active for sustained periods of time and understand the importance of being healthy, active and having good nutrition. Finally we would like our pupils to confidently talk about their achievements with their family, school and local community.

Therefore our intent for PE is:

  • Be physically active and participate in a range of sports and new experiences.
  • Perform skills in a range of contexts individually, in small groups and within a team.
  • Have a life-long love for a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy nutrition.
  • We use an effective Long Term Plan for teachers to ensure pupils have access to a broad range of physical activities.
  • High quality planning that ensures consistency in teaching throughout school and challenge for all.
  • We invest in the School Sports Partnership to allow all pupils to participate in competitions with local schools.
  • Opportunities are provided for sports coaching professionals to visit the pupils and inspire them by sharing their achievements and life story..
  • Invest in specialist PE teachers to work alongside teachers, ensuring they remain skilled by providing them with a wealth of fun and innovative teaching ideas.
  • Sports Leaders promoting positive attitudes towards PE and motivating their peers into becoming passionate, respectful young sportspersons.

We strive to deliver outstanding PE that allows pupils to be physically active, thrive in a broad range of physical activities and engage in competitive sports in a safe and challenging environment. Throughout the teaching and learning of Physical Education, we embody the school ethos of ‘AIM HIGH, SHINE BRIGHT’. We encourage our pupils to push themselves to their limits and be the best they can possibly be in every sporting activity that they do.

  • All children make progress in PE and thoroughly enjoy participating in sport.
  • Teachers have increased confidence when delivering high quality PE lessons.
  • Pupils talk confidently about PE, their learning and their achievements.
  • Pupils have improved mental and physical health.
  • Pupils can be physically active for sustained periods.
  • Pupils can celebrate their sporting achievements confidently.
  • Pupils have a desire to succeed when participating in competitions.

Whole School PE Progression of Skills

PE Long Term Plan – 2023-2024

PE Progression of Skills

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