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The Hive

The Hive

We are very lucky to have a HLTA providing English and Maths support to a small group of children in the Hive every morning.

In the Hive we practise our phonics, do lots of writing and sometimes we do craft activities for example making clay hedgehogs or pom pom sheep to aid our recount and instruction writing.

English in the Hive

A small group of children attend the Hive daily for their Literacy lesson with Mrs Bradshaw.

Every lesson starts with 30 minutes of Phonics, which includes reading, writing and spelling activities.

Personal experiences, books, video clips and group craft activities help to engage the children and encourage them with their writing, to write in a variety of styles – descriptions, recounts, letter writing and stories with support and modelling.

In The Hive we work very hard but hopefully the children would agree we also have fun.

Maths in the Hive

A small group of children attend the Hive daily for their Maths lesson with Mrs Bradshaw.

Each lesson starts with a quick recap question to see what we have remembered from the previous lesson.

Then the children have a timed challenge to see how many answers they can get correct within two minutes and our aim is to beat our score each day! After we have gone through our challenge answers we start on the main part of the lesson.

The main part of the lesson starts with a ‘what do you see, what do you know’ question on the board to get the children thinking, before sharing their thoughts with a partner, moving onto discussing our ideas as a larger group. We work through similar questions throughout the session as a group and independently. We use lots of apparatus to help us with our work in Maths and we especially like to use cubes and place value counters.

We sometimes play mathematical games together in the Hive and our favourite is multiplication and division bingo!

We work very hard in the Hive but none of our lessons are ever the same which makes our learning interesting.

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