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Carr Junior School

Religious Education

Religious Education



Religious education contributes to children’s spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development.  It provokes challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. 


At Carr, our intent is that children will: 

  • AIM HIGH and acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions represented in the UK and world.

  • Be encouraged to RESPECT the religious/non-religious commitment of others and embrace that people have the right to hold different religious beliefs, values and practices.

  • Relate what they learn to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues, thus enabling them to SHINE BRIGHT in the modern world.



The school teaches RE in line with the legal requirement, by following the agreed Programme of Study of The City of York although instead of selecting Christianity and two other religions to teach, we teach about all six major world religions across the four years from Year 3 to Year 6.  It is felt that all children, whatever their personal beliefs and commitments, can study RE in line with this syllabus. 


RE is taught through 'RE Weeks'. Each RE Week has a whole school Key Question. Each year group then fully immerses the children in learning about this via the City of York Syllabus alongside other resources. Each year group also focuses on particular religion/non-religions, and so by year 6 the children are well rounded with all main faiths/non faiths. 


Alongside the syllabus there are many opportunities for children to be CURIOUS INDIVIDUALS. To allow the children's learning to be real and meaningful,and be a first hand experience, visitors who hold a variety of different faiths/non-faiths are invited into school, and trips are organised to places or worship.


The impact of this is that the children are given the opportunity to enhance their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, whilst given the teaching tools to recognise and be RESPECTFUL of the right for people to hold different beliefs within an ethnically and socially diverse society.