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Carr Nurture Rationale

The school vision is to ensure our Carr Stars can AIM HIGH, by developing a life-long love of learning and SHINE BRIGHT, by nurturing and celebrating their unique personalities. The creation of the Nurture Class as a provision within our school is to ensure that all children can be successful in achieving this vision.

The children accessing the Nurture Class are doing so because they are not displaying behaviours which indicate they are ready to learn within their mainstream classes. The overall aim of the Nurture Class, therefore, is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can become successful learners, by improving resilience, motivation and engagement in education. By providing a safe, low stimulus environment with high levels of adult support, we are supporting children who are at risk of not completing their Primary education in a mainstream setting.

In order to meet each child’s individual needs, there will be a particular focus on the development of social and emotional skills through focussed intervention. Children will have daily opportunities to take part in activities rooted in the Nurture philosophy which focus on relationship building, and the acquisition of communication and life skills. Children will also have differentiated access to the Primary Curriculum to make sure that academic rigour is not compromised.

It is our aim that all children are developing their Carr Character and the Nurture Class Curriculum is rooted in the school’s values, to ensure that the ‘Golden Threads’ – highest expectations, creativity and nurturing relationships – are woven throughout.

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