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South Bank Multi Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 10067116 whose registered office is at Woodthorpe Primary School, Summerfield Rd, York YO24 2RU

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Carr Junior School


Newsletter WC 19th February 2024

Maths Newsletter

World Book Day 2024

After School Clubs - Spring 2

Newsletter WC 29th January 2024

Newsletter WC 22nd January 2024

Safer internet Day 2024

Newsletter WC 15th January 2024

SATs Meeting Letter 2024

Newsletter WC 8th January 2024

Year 4 Swimming Letter

Whole School VR Letter

Year 6 Swimming Letter

Newsletter WC 11th December 2023

Newsletter WC 4th December 2023

After school clubs - Spring term 1

Newsletter WC 27th November 2023

Whole School Carol Concert

Newsletter WC 20th November 2023

Year 4 Non Uniform Letter

Year 6 Leavers Hoodies

Newsletter WC 13th November 2023

Newsletter WC 6th November 2023

Newsletter 16th October 2023

Year 6 Royal Navy Workshop

After School Clubs - Autumn 2

Newsletter 2nd October 2023

Year 5 Kingswood Residential

Newsletter 25th September 2023

Newsletter 18th September 2023

Newsletter 11th September 2023

Year 6 Secondary School Open Days Information

Walking to and from school alone

Newsletter 4th September 2023

Year 5 Swimming Letter

Year 3 Swimming Letter

End of Year Letter 2023

After School clubs - Autumn 1 2023

Newsletter 3rd July 2023

Newsletter 26th June 2023

Newsletter 19th June 2023

Newsletter 12th June 2023

Years 2 to 5 Free School Meals and Pupil Premium Letter

Newsletter 22nd May 2023

After School Clubs - Summer 2

Newsletter 15th May 2023

Newsletter 8th May 2023

Newsletter 1st May 2023

Newsletter 24th April 2023

Newsletter 17th April 2023

Newsletter 27th March 2023

Pea Hunt - April 25th 2023

Newsletter 20th March 2023

Year 3 Filey Trip

After School Clubs Summer term 1

Newsletter 13th March 2023

Newsletter 6th March 2023

Book Fair - 9th March 2023

Year 6 Hoodies and Yearbooks 2023

Newsletter 20th February 2023

World Book Day 2023

Newsletter 6th February 2023

Newsletter 30th January 2023

Newsletter 23rd January 2023

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Newsletter 16th January 2023

Newsletter 9th January 2023

Newsletter 2nd January 2023

Newsletter 12th December 2022

3P Letter

4T Letter

Newsletter 5th December 2022

Carol Concert Ticket Letter

Newsletter 28th November 2022

Year 3 Sponsored Skip

Newsletter 21st November 2022

Year 3 - Rotten Romans

Newsletter 14th November 2022

Year 5 Sponsored Archery Letter

Christmas Lunch Letter

Newsletter 7th November 2022

Newsletter 31st October 2022

Year 6 Whatsapp Letter

Year 4 Murton Park Trip

Newsletter 17th October 2022

Newsletter WC 10th October 2022

Year 6 London Letter

Newsletter 3rd October 2022

Newsletter 26th September 2022

Kingswood Trip Letter 2

Newsletter 19th September 2022

Year 5 Swimming Letter

Newsletter 12th September 2022

Year 4 Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park

Year 6 Healthy Child Service

Year 3 Swimming Letter

Secondary School Application Letter

Newsletter 5th September 2022

Roald Dahl Cinema Night Letter

End of Year Letter

Year 5 Kingswood 2023

Newsletter 11th July 2022

Newsletter 27th June 2022

Class Photos Letter

Newsletter 20th June 2022

Wellbeing Week Information

Y3-Y5 Transition letter

Newsletter 20th June 2022

Newsletter 13th June 2022

Y6 York St John University Trip

Year 4 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

FOCS Fathers Day Stall

Newsletter 23rd May 2022

Winmarleigh Hall Residential Meeting Information

Invitation to picnic

Newsletter 9th May 2022

Newsletter 2nd May 2022

Pea Hunt Letter

Year 6 SATs Information Letter

Year 3 Pedestrian Training

6MW Swimming Letter

Year 6 Swimming Letter

Multiplication Tables Check

Newsletter 4th April 2022

Newsletter 28th March 2022

Newsletter 21st March 2022

FOCS - Easter Fair Letter

Newsletter 14th March 2022

Newsletter 28th February 2022

Newsletter 14th February 2022

Y6 Revision Books Letter

World Book Day 2022

Newsletter 7th February 2022

Newsletter 31st January 2022

Kingswood Parent Meeting Letter

Newsletter 24th January 2022

Newsletter 17th January 2022

Year 4 Jorvik Trip

Newsletter 10th January 2022

Year 4 Swimming Letter

Y3 Murton Park Workshop

Newsletter 3rd January 2022

Newsletter 13th December 2021

Year 3 Roman Day

Provenance Kitchen Letter

Young Voices Information Letter 2022

Newsletter 6th December 2021

Spring Term After School Clubs

Christmas Performances

Newsletter 29th November 2021

Wellbeing - Parent Survey Letter

Newsletter 22nd November 2021

Carr Infant and Junior Joint Open Day

Panto Letter

Newsletter 15th November 2021

Newsletter 8th November 2021

Individual Photos Letter

Year 6 St Nicks Field Trip

FOCS - Christmas Fair and Y6 Elf Letter

Newsletter 1st November 2021

Year 3 Stump Cross Caverns Trip

Minster Tree Letter

After School Clubs Autumn 2

Big Idea, ‘The Natural World’

FOCS Teatowel Letter

Newsletter 11th October 2021

Year 5 Malham Letter

Maths Anxiety Resources

Creepy Carr

Newsletter 4th October 2021

Horrible Histories Competition

Internet Safety Letter

Newsletter 27th September 2021

Video Parent Meeting Letter

Newsletter 20th September 2021

Newsletter - 13th September 2021

Year 6 Healthy Child Service Letter

Transfer to Secondary School September 2022

Newsletter - 6th September 2021

Letter to Parents

Year 5 Swimming Letter

Year 3 Swimming Letter

End of Year Letter

Year 3 Water Fight

Newsletter 12th July 2021

Newsletter 5th July 2021

Year 6 Play Letter

Newsletter 28th June 2021

Newsletter 21st June 2021

Newsletter 14th June 2021

Y6 Residential to Winmarleigh Hall

Newsletter 7th June 2021

Fathers Day Stall (FOCS)

Newsletter 24th May 2021

Newsletter 17th May 2021

Newsletter 10th May 2021

Newsletter - 3rd May 2021

Newsletter - 27th April 2021

Year 5 Kingswood Trip March 2022

Parent Video Meetings

Maths day art task

Newsletter 19th April 2021

Classes Letter April 2021

Newsletter - 12th April 2021

Year 4 Summer Newsletter

Maths Day 2021

After School Club - Year 5 Art Club

Summer Half Term Sports Camp

Whole School Homework Grid

After School Club - Year 5 & 6 Science Club

Newsletter - 22nd March 2021

Newsletter - 15th March 2021

Y6 Leavers Hoodies/Yearbooks

Newsletter - 8th March 2021

Newsletter 1st March 2021

Governor Recruitment Letter

Letter for Parents re: March 8th

Newsletter - 22nd February 2021

Newsletter - 8th February 2021

Letter to Parents non-specific symptoms COVID Feb 21

Newsletter - 1st February 2021

Spring Term Remote Learning Letter

Newsletter - 25th January 2021

Newsletter - 18th January 2021

Newsletter - 11th January 2021

Letter to Year 6 NCMP

Letter to Parents - Update

4P Guinea Pig Letter

3A Gecko Letter

Halloween Letter

South Bank Academy Trust - Potential Merger

Letter to 4P and Year 4

4P Parents Carers and Y4 parents for information

Manor Virtual Open Evening

Bootham School Open Day Information

Archbishop Holgate School Open Evening Information

All Saints School Open Evening Information

All Saints Pastoral Team Information

Carr Offer Letter with Order Form

Year 6 Newsletter

Millthorpe Open Evening Letter - Year 6

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter

Lunchtime Feedback

Year 4 Autumn Newsletter

Transfer to Secondary Schools